SNG PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

SNG PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG is a game that has redefined what fun means in modern shooters. Alongside that fun is the competitive aspect, and we knew from the beginning that this game will take off. With that in mind, we started looking for a team very early on, but It took us a while to find the best possible fit for Team Singularity, which was hard working, skillful and passionate for success. We can’t wait to see how the team will perform in all the future tournaments, but also their ability to create content for the organization and participate in all events.
The newly signed norwegian roster had a great start with qualifying for the PGI 2018 Open Qualifiers EU $100.000 finals at Haymarket Theatre in Leicester, England. The squad fell short at the minor event, but we've had some glory to share in August and September:

PUBG ESL Meisterschaft:



Team Singularity PUBG official roster:
Jonas “C4LVINKL3IN” Sørvik
Kjetil “ToWzErA” Hytten

Previous players under the SNG.PUBG banner:  

Endre “PHRZER” Solhaug

Johan “Taylor” Taylor

Marius “T-dove” Gjerd

Sebastian "RamsessTG" Ramsbøl

Jacob "MrJacob" Hemmingsen