Max “Mikey” Barkö

Age - 22

Country - Sweden


Sebastian “Solen” Kjær

Age -  25

Country - Denmark


Ivan “Bashruk” Valev

Age - 20

Country - Bulgaria




The team is currently trying out players to find a 4th and 5th player, after the team decided to part ways with Adamsson after The International EU Main qualifier and Mastermind left the team in early september 2018 to continue his career in Burden United.

Team Manager:  Atle S. Stehouwer



Former Team Singularity Line-up

We acquired the former Let’s Do It (LDI) Polish team at the start of May shortly after they left their former team, Alternate Attax and after negotiating a beneficial agreement for both players and Team Singularity. We were looking forward to unleash the players potential and take them to the next level in their career.

The team started off by winning the Zotac open EU qualifier, and then entered the Regional EU qualifier. The journey continued with the team then winning the Regional EU qualifier to go through to the main event in Taiwan to play a huge $100.000 event.
 The team also came very close in May to qualifying for the Epicenter 2017 event in Moscow, but lost in the semi-final to Team Secret. The team also just missed out from qualifying for The International 2017 by just 2 games that has a staggering $25 million prize pool after finishing 2nd in the round robin group stage with a 7-2 score, the team had high hopes for qualifying in the playoffs but things didn’t go as planned and were unable to qualify for The International 2017.


As of August 2017 we transferred the team to Team Kinguin.