SNG HotS roster finalizes with Medvedev "zwHydra" Nikita!

Thu 7th Dec 2017 - 9:40pm General Gaming


For a while now, the Singularity HotS (Heroes of the Storm) roster has remained incomplete. But, after a lengthy period of tryouts and trial periods, SNG HotS have finally decided on the 5th player to complete the lineup. We treasure our Heroes of the Storm roster just like our other teams in separate esports titles. Regardless of the esports title, all fans are treated equally. As Singularity, our role as an organization is to ensure our fans are cheering for the best lineups possible. Without your support as a fan, being able to host such a talented roster for Heroes of the Storm would not have been possible. 

zwHydra has been a representative of many HotS teams that have competed on the main stage numerous times. In the European Pro League of the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship, he put up a fight and finished 7th with his team SYNRGY. Through his 3 years of competitive experience, zwHydra has proven that he has the ethics and work mentality to rise to the top, and it will prove to be worth its weight in gold as he represents Singularity.

Our goals for the SNG HotS roster are like every other team: reach to the top. That being said, reaching the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship will be the first step for the roster. Cheer us on!

Here are statements from our new player, zwHydra, our captain, and the organization in regards to this new addition:

I think we have an insanely skilled mechanical players for our roster atm. I'm grateful for this opportunity and will have the pleasure to play with this team. I think with my team, we will be making an appearance at  HGC with this roster. Looking forward to playing the first Open Division with them.

Medvedev "zwHydra" Nikita


As a former HGC player for Synergy we know that Hydra is an experienced player that adds a lot of value to our team! We instantly implemented him as a second shotcaller and he also helps with the drafting. With his calm personality he has a huge influence on our mentality in- and out of the game.
For 2018 we have high expectations and of course we want to reach the HGC together but first of all we have to put a lot of effort into growing as a Team .
We believe that Hydra can push us to the point that we have to be to reach our goal.

Martin "Laranas" Drobisch

SNG HotS Captain

I’m extremely happy that we can finally announce our latest and therefore last member of the team, Nikita. We will have a bootcamp in January with the boys shortly before HGC hits the road. Make sure to follow us on social medias! #SNGARMY

David Pella

SNG HotS Manager 


Our players stream regularly and interact frequently on social media. You can find each of their individual Twitter and Twitch links here and swing by sometime.


Team Manager: David Pella

Martin "Laranas" Drobisch


Albin "Henn1ng" Olsson


Niklas "Knuutti" Knuutti


Kovacs "Karci" Marton


Medvedev "zwHydra" Nikita


Once again, welcome Nikita, and we hope that with our fully complete roster, we can rise to the top of the ranks in Heroes of the Storm and make a name for the #SNGARMY!




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