Singularity announces CS:GO DE Academy!

Fri 20th Apr 2018 - 11:14am Gaming General


Another CS:GO Academy joins the Singularity family! This time we would like to introduce you the German Academy that will be representing Singularity in the up and coming competitions!


Here are the statements of Singularity and SwizZ:


”Another piece of the puzzle has been laid down towards the development of an Academy based CS:GO infrastructure! We have seen a lot of potential and drive in the young players of the German Academy and hopefully, together with the other 3 Academies they can reach the next level! I am looking forward to seeing the team perform under the Singularity banner!”

- Atle Stehouwer, Singularity CEO


"We are very proud and excited to be playing for Singularity as their German csgo academy team. It's not often that you get such an opportunity, like they have given us. Even tough we have just overcome recent roster changes, we feel very confident and are excited for the upcoming season. We'll be competing in the ESEA open, trying to qualify for ESEA intermediate or main and we are also taking part in the 9th season of the 99damage league in division 3 looking to qualify for division 2. I think that if we put in even more work as a team and individually we can achieve great things ! The whole team and I are looking forward to be playing under Singularity for a long and successful time."

Eric "SwizZ"Oswald - Team Captain


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