Welcome Sigurd “Impyyyyy” Riber

Sat 11th Aug 2018 - 1:30pm Gaming


Today we welcome Sigurd “Impyyyyy” Riber, DK 19 y/o, to the #SNGFAMILY, and we are thrilled to add this young talent as our head champion in the HS division.

We are looking forward to help Sigurd advance to the next level in his career.
Recently Impyyyyy qualified for the Hearthstone Champions Tour stop in Season 3. HCT Germany is the second Tour stop of HCT Tour in 2018 - Season 3.
16 players will play for glory and a solid prize pool of $15,000 and a total of191 HCT points. The tournament started 1 PM today and you can tune in at the stream live from TaKeTV Studios in Krefeld, Germany. Link to stream:
Link to full Tour stop info:

You can follow Impyyyyy’s journey to the top here:

To kick things off we put Sigurd in the hot chair and asked various questions to hear his point of view on the new expansion and his expectations for this weekends lan event.
1) You went through as top 4 in the global qualifier for the HCT, so what's your expectations for the HCT Germany tour stop this weekend?
- I always aim to win, but I would be satisfied with a top 4.

2) The new HS expansion was released earlier this week, what do you think about the new cards?
- There is a lot of new interesting mechanics and new deck archetypes. I think the upcoming meta will be very diverse and we can see a lot of new interesting decks.

3) What's your expectations for the new meta decks?
- I expect the meta to change a lot, especially with a lot of new interesting combo decks seeing play.

4) What is your favourite card from the new expansion?
- Giggling Inventor. I usually play aggro decks, but the deck design is really good.

5) What do you think about Mechs making a comeback and the new added ability "Magnetic"?
- I didn't miss the mechs. I still have some bad memories from the GvG day, but the magnetic ability seems good. We will definitely see mechs making a strong comeback.

6) Favorite class?
- Druid. The class has a lot of different decks to play and it has also been the strongest class for a long time now.

7) How many hours do you pracc a week? And what goal/goals are you working towards?
- Recently I've played a lot, I think it hasn't been less than 5 hours a day. And I expect to play more in the new HCT season, so I can achieve my goal of making playoffs, and hopefully the champions.

He’ll join the HS division and be part of the team represented by:
Christian "Balorix" Rasmussen

Johann "TechnoGoose" Biorck

William "Firrlo" Sjoblom





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