Singularity Sign Balorix to the Hearthstone Division!

Tue 2nd Jan 2018 - 5:06pm General Gaming

Singularity has grown so far in the span of a few months with very little investment. We've expanded across many esports titles and signed many formidable players into our ranks. One of these were Hearthstone, a game which we have pursued heavily within the ending months of 2017. Finally, we have been able to find a strong Danish player to represent our ranks in Christian "Balorix" Rasmussen.

Balorix was seen in action in late November, playing the WESG Denmark Qualifier and nearly qualifying. Ending in 5-8th, his performance within the last few months was crucial in scouting him as a potential top Hearthstone player. As a fellow Dane, he has shown professionalism and potential inside and outside of the game, and Singularity is sure that the facilities and support provided to Balorix can make him a top player in just a few months!

I'm super proud and excited to be joining Team Singularity! With their infrastructure and my level of skill, we will achieve great things together!

Christian "Balorix" Rasmussen, Singularity Hearthstone

We've seen a lot of potential in Balorix, not only as a player but as a person and we are looking forward to seeing him in action! I am sure that he will leave his mark and he'll be representing SNG in the best possible ways!

Atle Stehouwer, Singularity CEO

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