Announcing our return to DotA2

Thu 16th Nov 2017 - 12:07pm General Gaming

Team Singularity Statement

"We are thrilled to be welcoming the team known as Rocket Scientists to represent the #SNGARMY. We have always been waiting for the right opportunity and time since the former team left to join Team Kinguin and we believe that with a lot of hard work we can push the team to achieve their full potential. We are excited to see more from the team and have absolute faith that this team is going to impress and we hope that our fans will continue to give us the same support that you have given us in the past."

Vanjo Chan, Senior Manager


Sebastian “Solen” Kjær

Max “Mikey” Barkö

Ivan “Bashruk” Valev

Pontus “NoX” Frost

Ivailo “Mastermind” Petkov

Manager: Vanjo Chan 


Team Statement

"As a team we are excited to have found a home in Singularity as with their help and support we can grow as a team even more towards our goals. Under Team Singulartiy we are even more motivated and determined to make our mark in the DotA2 scene and look forwards work towards contributing even more pride to its name and hope that we are able to bring in new fans to both our team and Singularity"

Sebastian “Solen” Kjær


The team will debuting in the PDCup vs Gambit tomorrow at 1700cet - remember to tune in!





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