Announcing Warganis!

Tue 7th Nov 2017 - 2:50pm General Gaming

Team Singularity Statement:

"Hearthstone is a new venture for us especially when it comes to streaming and making a difference from the millions of other players, you need to be hard working,entertaining and absolutely devoted to being the best you can be. All of which would perfectly describe Warganis. I am delighted to be able to welcome him to the team and very much as always look forward to tuning in when he starts streaming!"

Vanjo Chan, Senior Manager

Pierre "Warganis" Christensen Statement:

"Hey all! I'm Pierre Christensen aka Warganis, a former professional poker player that loves to play card games. and after i finshed playing poker professionally I started to play hearthstone and quickly fell in love with the game. As a former World poker tour champion I thought to myself why not try to compete on the biggest stage in hearthstone? Since then realization my goal was to then start streaming whilst making it fun and educational while we pursue the dream together of being World champion in hearthstone one day, and I am sure that with me joining Team Singularity the sky is the limit for what we can acheive together when I have the best team in the world in my ring corner on my journey to conquer the hearthstone scene!"


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